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The WJMC 2017 motocross season kicks off with a fantastic start!

Wanneroo Junior Motorcross Club's Successful Go Moto's

  • 3 March 2017
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The WJMC 2017 motocross season kicks off with a fantastic start!

What a great way to start the motocross season and this being ‘before’ the season has actually truly begun!
The 5th of February saw the Wanneroo Junior Motocross Club kick off the season with a Come & Try event designed to attract either riders new to motocross or those who have ridden but just never ridden on a proper motocross track before.
Newly appointed Race Secretary, David Court, looked at attendance of previous years to gauge the number of Come & Try new rider licences he needed to order for the day, ordering 60 to give himself and the club a buffer based upon attendance of around 40 in previous years. 
Well it turned out that even 60 licences was not enough, with a total of 72 turning up on the day!
Needless to say, a great day was had by all, with lots of smiling faces and new members keen to take up motocross and to join the club in readiness for the 2017 season 
The 19th of February saw Wanneroo Junior Motocross Club expand its next open invite event to allow both new and existing motocross riders, by running a GoMoto event.  Again, the number of attendees on the day was unprecedented, with a total of 159 riders rocking up to produce some exciting riding for both riders and spectators alike.
Many Wanneroo Junior Motocross Club members (unfortunately too many to mention), under the leadership of their President and Vice President Michael Murphy and Dean Doyle, have worked relentlessly over the hot days and nights of the close season, to dramatically overhaul and improve the club and track, ready for the 2017 season and beyond.
Some of the improvements made include extension and insertion of a completely new and exciting section of track, with new wall jumps and stutters to challenge the riders.  The bar and bathroom facilities have also been completely renewed, transforming the club into what we believe is a world-class motocross venue.

Motorcycling Western Australia's CEO, Rick Gill, was impressed with the efforts that the club had made and also working with MWA staff and officials as well as utilising the benefits of the Free Mini License ensured that all the hard work by everyone paid off. Rick said "Wanneroo Junior Motocross Club had a huge response which just goes to show how many riders are out there that enjoy riding on a real race track. Congrats to the club to make the track available"

Wanneroo Junior Motocross Club will be holding its first Club Run of 2017 on Sunday 12 March and if the two pre-season events are anything to go by, then it can be assured to be a great event for riders and spectators alike!  So please come along and join the fun!

Any enquiries can be directed to the Race Secretary, David Court on 0438 930 534 or email to or visit WJMC’s web page or Facebook for further details.

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