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MWA’s Junior Elite Training Camp 2017

JET CAMP: Coaches note

  • 7 March 2017
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MWA’s Junior Elite Training Camp 2017

Motorsport is constantly changing and evolving.

In the past, champions could party all night and compete the next day with adequate results, but not anymore.

Racers can no longer afford to be playboys, they are athletes and teams need more than just a rider with talent, they need a marketable figure that can fulfil the requirements of their partners and sponsors.

There are lots of young riders with talent. Those few who will succeed understand how the racing mind works and how to plan their own fitness and dietary needs. Importantly that marketable figure needs to know how to speak well in public and needs to know what sponsors require.

Jet Camp will provide all of this and more……

Every presenter on the Jet Camp has experience with this at either a National, International or Olympic level. That is why they are so passionate about helping the next generation of racers learn what is required to fill those shoes.

Boot camps are great and do help, but they only touch the surface of what is required of a rider in the tough world of Motorsport.

We give you the opportunity to learn from National and World champions who took their careers to the highest levels. An aspiring champion cannot buy this advice.

With the help of the West Australian Institute of Sport, we will introduce you to Sport Psychologists and Dieticians who can show you how to turn your passion and determination into a package capable of winning Championships.

The advice given from experts in their field will cover the following:


Dietary needs



Media and Marketing

Session planning

Team work

Goal setting



The Junior Elite Training camp's new date and southern location will provide the opportunity for participants to develop their new found skills throughout the 2017 season.

The Camp will start on the 10th April 2017 at Woodman Point Recreation Centre Coogee and will conclude on the 13th April  2017.


 Fantastic opportunities can be gained at the camp, but nothing will be given away.  All will be released soon.

 A week at MWA's Junior Elite Training Camp can transform your body and mind. With the experts on hand to show you the way to success. If you have the determination, the desire and think you have what it takes to be the best on our next camp. Then complete your application NOW!!

But you won’t know if you don’t enrol…….

Registrations close Friday 10th March 2017-this friday

See you on the Camp


          Aged between 13-18 years old.

          Race Resume Including Race Results.

          Current  School Report.

          Include two photos to use for Media. 1 x Sport Related, 1 x Portrait

          Contracted Sponsors (if any)

To view photos of last year’s Junior Elite Training Camp visit our Facebook site.

To read about last year’s JET Camp click here

Click below to start registration

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