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Women’s first WAMX Round for 2017

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  • 12 April 2017
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Women’s first WAMX Round for 2017

With the first Women’s State Round for 2017 less than a week away, Kalgoorlie is set to host a double-header event with the Juniors first round taking place on Saturday, April 15th and Sunday, April 16th being the first of the four Women’s rounds. We caught up with a few riders to find out how they are preparing for this year, what their plans are and what they hope to achieve.

Tiarna Hansen is fresh out of juniors and 2017 will be her debut season in the senior women’s motocross scene. Tiarna is 16, lives in Tom Price and began racing 3 years ago. She currently has a Yamaha 250FX and has spent the summer training hard on and off the bike with help from her “number 1 coach”, her Dad. She plans to race all of the North West Rounds and is hoping to take out the women’s class. Tiarna will be lining up against her Dad, as the vets and ladies classes race together, we can’t wait to hear about this rivalry. Tiarna is hopeful she will make it down to Perth, to compete in some of the Women’s State Rounds and any other events she can get to. The massive distance they need to travel to compete is very costly and time consuming for the family. In 2017 Tiarna will be proudly supported by Pure Mechanical, TP Tyres & Bikes, Chilldynamics, Flaunt it Beauty, Funnel Web Filters, Hansen Racing (Mum & Dad) and Nanna & Poppy.

Another new face to the senior women’s class is young Kara Cats. At just 17, 2017 was going to be Kara’s first season in the senior ranks. Kara trained hard throughout the off-season and was feeling confident and fast on the bike. Kara had big plans for the season; she was going to compete in the Women’s State Motocross Championships and as many other women’s events as she could. Her goals for 2017 was to achieve a top 5 result in the State Titles and to make her presence felt by the front runners of the women’s class. Unfortunately, as Kara was racing towards her first goal of the season, winning the first half of the Arena Cross Series in the women’s class, she had a nasty accident, which has put her out for the season. Kara hit a jump and her feet came off the foot pegs, she came up short and this resulted in all of the force of the landing going through her back and eventually fracturing a vertebra. We wish Kara a speedy recovery and can’t wait to see her back on the track when she is healed.

Casey Crisp has been a contender in the women’s motocross scene for a few years and also races in the WA State Enduro series. Each season Casey has improved her speed, confidence and consistency, and hopes 2017 will be her most successful year yet. As one of the fittest riders on the gate, Casey is a qualified Personal Trainer who trains a number of motocross athletes through Complete Motocross Fitness. Casey plans to compete in all of the Women’s State Rounds and as many other women’s races as she can. Casey spent the summer riding for fun and getting more comfortable on her bike. The first round for the year always brings about plenty of nerves, but Casey is in it purely for the fun and to enjoy riding with all the girls in WA. Casey has been supported by KTM West for a number of years and is proud to be representing them again in 2017.

Jessica Sainsbury will be contesting the Women’s State Championship for the third time in 2017. After finishing school last year, Jess has spent the summer enjoying her freedom and taking a well-deserved break. Leading into the season Jess has dedicated some time to working on her fitness off the bike and has been working to increase her speed on the bike. She is juggling University, a part-time job and training, and is hoping to achieve a top 5 place in the state titles and a top 3 place in the Coastal MCC Championships. Supporting Jess in 2017 is Neil Dunne, FXR Australia and her Mum and Dad.

The final competitor we caught up with was Hannah Bagnall, a top 3 contender for the past 3 years in the Women’s State Championships. Hannah will be competing in all of the Women’s State Rounds, the Australian Women’s Nationals in Coolum later in the year, and also getting behind as many events in WA that offer a women’s class. Hannah has had a solid off-season after taking a few weeks off the bike at the end of last year; she found the motivation and fire to train both on and off the bike harder than ever before. She is feeling fitter, stronger and faster, and is excited for round 1 of the State Series in just a couple of weeks. Hannah is riding for Cully’s Yamaha in 2017 and is also supported by Fly Racing, Yamalube and her family.

Entries for Round 1 of the WA Women’s State Motocross Championships close on Monday the 10th of April. With a record of 23 entrants in 2016, the WA Women’s Committee is hoping that 2017 can be bigger and better. Be sure to be trackside on the 16th of April to see the season opener and show your support to the talented female riders that WA has. Motorcycling WA Women’s Committee wishes all the ladies a safe and successful season.

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