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Motorcycling WA’s Elite JET Camp

  • 12 April 2017
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Motorcycling WA’s Elite JET Camp

The 2017 Motorcycling Western Australia Elite Jet Camp kicked off earlier this week with camp facilitator and coach Mark Gill, Dan Banks and Janine Wragg running the selected participants through a “Getting to know you, Camp Rules and Course Outline” session which was a great ice-breaker for those keen competitors who hadn’t had the opportunity to meet each other before.

Shortly after that the hard work and first “Warm-Up-stretching-beach run-boot camp” session began and showed the group who was fit and who was not so fit and brought out the competitive nature in them all-it was also a lesson of how important being physically and mentally fit can benefit their riding.  This year the 'team work" and challenges were a lot harder than previous years with Dan Banks pushing the group to their physical limits.


After dinner, former MWA Board Director, Graeme Sinden did a presentation on Finance and Industry Challenges – "Managing your Money". The group learnt how to plan out their racing career, their goals and hopefully be a bit more independent and involved in the direction of their race careers.

Next up was seminar on Working with Sponsors and Media/Social Media with Motorcycling WA's Linda Russell taking the group through the importance of professional sponsorship proposals, having seperate personal and competitor pages, importance of relationship building with sponsors and local media and the need for professional and positive social media posts.  Some of you may have noticed their social media tasks on facebook over the past few days.

It was also discussed the need to help out at club days and busy bees, and for it not to just be their parents responsibility. The group eagerly participated in the session and have realised it’s not just a matter of turning up and having a ride.

The next morning at 6am everyone went for an hours mountain bike ride as part of their cross training, breakfast which was followed by a Fitness assessment which consisted of a combination of the 20m beep test to test aerobic fitness, a Vertical jump test to measure leg muscles elastic strength/power output and sitting flexibility test. Height and weight measurements were also taken. Motorcycling Western Australia can then compare all this information to previous participants as a gauge of the rider’s general fitness.

This was followed by a “planking” aka “shaking” competition and the participants learnt the importance and benefits of inner core strength training and the camp facilitators took over that particular podium! Lawson Harper won the competition with an extrodinary time of 14.44 minutes.

Boris Kazakov from Diet Biz joined the group as a guest speaker and took the boys through a nutrition seminar which covered the basics of what they should eat and drink in preparation for competition racing. He also went into depth about timing their food and fluid intake to maximise performance and recovery.

Some of the feedback after the first day from participants;


Jack Court-Have had a great first day at the MWA Junior Elite Training Camp for 2017. The camp has been very challenging so far, as well as very fun. I look forward to what the camp has to offer in the next few days and the challenges that await. Big thanks to David Court for helping me get to where I am today, and all the camps sponsors for their hard work and input to make this camp happen.


Christopher Bogdan-  My name is Chris I ride speedway and I like the way that Daniel and Mark push you to the limits and I would do this Camp again .

Jessica Byas-Hi my name is Jessica Byas. I ride enduros. I am having a really great time at 2017 Jet Camp. I'm learning to further my skills and push myself to my limits. The many seminars have really improved my understanding throughout all aspects of training and racing. The beach boot camp has been the most testing for me but it has really helped me improve. I've had a great time and this camp has expanded my knowledge and skills so much. I would recommend this Camp to any rider wanting to improve their riding.a big thanks to all the coaches and camp sponsors for making this possible. 

Harrison Slot -Hi my name is Harry and I ride Motocross. I'm having a really awesome time here at the 2017 Jet Camp. I'm learning a lot about key aspects a racer needs which I hope will further my ability 

Lawson Harper #93-First day almost done here at #jetcamp #2017 having an awesome time yet again, we have had a fitness boot camp this afternoon and two eye opening seminars. This camp is only possible due to these amazing sponsors; #srd @westeffex @bunburyktmsuzuki @lkibrand @planet_honda_motorcycles @fivestaryamaha @ezycarwa @jmac_media1 @bnbbeverages @pirellimotoaus @motulaus #j9 @leading_edge_motorcycle_sport @motorcyclingwa

To view photos from the first 2 days:

The Sponsors for the 2017 JET Camp are:

Motorcycling Western Australia

Banhams WA

Strickland Race Development 

Westeffex Graphics

Bunbury KTM Suzuki


Five Star Yamaha

Planet Honda

Fabry Films 
19 year old filmmaker from Australia.

J-Mac Media

BNB Beverage Company




Leading Edge Motorcycle Sport 

J9 Sport Management 

The Presenters/Coaches the 2017 MWA Junior Elite Rider Training Camp are as follows:

Mark Gill – Head Coach

Daniel Banks – Assistant Coach 

Boris Kazakov – Diet Biz – Nutrition

Adrian Schonfeld – WAIS – Sports Psychologist

Peter Strickland – Yamaha Australia Team Manager – "What it takes to Succeed in a Team"

Graeme Sinden – Finance and Industry Challenges – "Managing your Money"

Richard Suter – Life Coach – "Road To Success"

Bruce MacFie  - World Kick Boxing Champion-"Practical Session on Cross Training, Fitness and Muay Thai"

Jarrod Maclean – Commentator – "Media and Public Presention"

Bryan Staring –World Super Bike Competitor and Australian Super Bike Champion-"How to Become a Champion"

Linda Russell - MWA's Media and Sponsorship Officer

Janine Wragg - MWA's Development and Training Officer

Motorcycling WA's Junior Elite Rider Training Camp’s new date and Southern location are also providing the opportunity for participants to develop their new found skills throughout the 2017 season.

JET Participants for 2017 are:

Tahlia O'hare  
Harrison Slot   
Scott Topping  
Bevan Barnett 
Adam Haines
Elise Beattie   
Avril Gill   
Jessica Byas 
Lawson Harper   
Jack Court   
Callum O'Brien   
Lewis Moloney  
Chloe Cooper  
Christopher Bogdan  
Kyle Elliot   
Blake Jendrzejak   




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