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Round 1 Make Smoking History MX State Championships

  • 19 April 2017
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Round 1 Make Smoking History MX State Championships
A huge weekend of racing at Kalgoorlie for Round 1 Make Smoking History MX State Championships over the Easter weekend.

WAMX (Inc) would like to thank the Goldfields Motorcycle Club, Officials, Volunteers, Riders and their families for making the trip and there was some awesome racing over both days. 

Congratulations to everyone!!

Despite various rumours, entry numbers were good and the gates were full with both 2 wheel and 4 wheel competitors on Saturday & Sunday.

On Saturday, the Juniors hit the track, eager to get their Series underway and they did not disappoint the crowds.  Racing was fast and action packed.  The track held up well and provided some fast and exciting action.
Juniors now head to the sand at Shrubland Park, Bunbury, on May 21st, which will bring out the best in some riders.  Bunbury is hard going and is either loved or hated by our riders.

Sunday, the big boys and girls hit the track and again racing was spectacular throughout the day. 
Shannons Insurance MX1 Champ Dean Porter showed his style and hit the front early and the rest of the field battled furiously to secure their placings. 

The Motul Oils MX2 championship shaped up very well with MX2 Champ Josh Adams and David Birch mixing it up all day long.  Youngsters Mitchell Outram, Billy Middleton and Kurt Oinn showed their mettle also and finished very respectively on the day.

With a very good field, the Cullys Yamaha Womens Championship class proved to be entertaining and with Courtney Hirst making a return to racing, this class was good to watch. Well done to all our ladies.
Quad Championship #1 Luke Gaisford mixed it up again and again with Chris Bosnakis with Chris coming out on top at the end of the day.  The 4 wheelers handled the track very well and the field of 15 riders provided some solid racing all day.
Seniors head to Lightweight MCC Byford on May 14th for more hard-pack action – so all the action will continue.

Unfortunately due to some technical issues, the Commentator could only be heard by those close to the speakers in the grassed area – the Club worked furiously with technicians to try and rectify the problem without success but if you could hear it and the ladies in the tower will agree, the Commentary was great and very entertaining over the weekend.  Thank you!

Senior Results:-
Shannons Insurance MX1 Championship
1st - Dean Porter
2nd - Chris Ruttico
3rd- Stevie Heilers

Motul Oils MX2 Championship
1st - Josh Adams
2nd - David Birch
3rd - Luke Davis

Cullys Yamaha Womens Championship
1st - Jess Moore
2nd - Courtney Hirst
3rd - Hannah Bagnall

Make Smoking History Veterans Championship
1st - James Craig
2nd - Paul Smithson
3rd - Scott Petricevich

Make Smoking History Quad Championship
1st - Chris Bosnakis
2nd - Luke Gaisford
3rd - Shaun Woodhead

MX1 Repecharge Class

1st - Kile Scoon-Reid
2nd - Andy Brack
3rd - Mark Rollini

MX2 Repecharge Class
1st - Zac Feast
2nd - Adam Fanderlinden
3rd - Ricky Ladiszlai

Junior Results
50cc Auto
1st - Seth Shackleton
2nd - Sonny Pellicano
3rd - Ryder Matthews-Taylor

65cc 7-U10
1st - Kayden Minear
2nd - Seth Shackleton
3rd - Charlie Weightman

65cc 10-U12
1st - Seth Clark
2nd - Deacon Paice
3rd - Tate Paganini

85cc/150cc 9-U12
1st - Seth Clark
2nd - Dylan Walsh
3rd - Kayden Minear

85cc/150cc 12-U16
1st - Seth Manuel
2nd - Liam Atkinson
3rd - Conan Forrester

128-150cc/250cc 13-U16
1st - Regan Duffy
2nd - Matt Fabry
3rd - Corben Weinert

100-125cc 12-U15
1st - Regan Duffy
2nd - Corben Weinert
3rd - Seth Manuel

100-125cc 15 years
1st - Matt Fabry
2nd - Kasey Cullen
3rd - Revonn Nieuwoudt

Quad Ltd 7-U11
1st - Kiera-Lily Buckley
2nd - Nichole McDonnell
3rd - Harlee Young

Quad Comp 8-U12
1st - Deegan Lough
2nd - Keenan Murphy 
3rd - Brooke Hall

Quad Comp 12-U16
1st - Jae Dowsett
2nd - Joshua McQuad
3rd - Andrew Soltoggio

Full results and Championship Standings are available on
Senior Results:
Junior Results:

Fabry Films have put together this awesome highlight film of our Junior competitors on Saturday at Round 1.
Thank you Fabry Films.

Next Rounds are:-
Seniors - Lightweight MCC - May 14th
Juniors - Bunbury MCC - May 21st
See you all there!!

Photos courtesy of Madden Media and Hahn Photography

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