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Motorcycling WA’s Mythbuster #15

  • 8 May 2017
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Motorcycling WA’s Mythbuster #15

This is the fifteenth in a series of articles designed to bust some of the myths about what Motorcycling Western Australia does, the services offered and the programs we run to benefit members of affiliated clubs.

Myth: I know everything there is about insurance, and I trust my unaffiliated club to say I am covered if someone claims against me.
Another Cold Hard Fact: Motorcycling Western Australia is not licenced by APRA to give insurance advice, nor is your club. MWA maintains that information given here is general in nature. You should not trust what anyone tells you regards insurance, not your club, not MWA (as we are not licensed to do so). We strongly advise that your personal APRA licensed insurance advisor be contacted and the club policy wording be given to your advisor who will advise on how the policy will meet your own needs. MWA make available our Certificate of Currency on request and the policy wording. Ask your club to provide the policy wording for your APRA licensed advisor to check. In particular ask your independent insurance advisor to check and explain to you the limitations such as policies that:
·        are issued on a Claims Made basis;
·        do not cover competitors or injury arising out of competition or participating,
·        exclude claims by volunteers or officials,
·        are less than $50m,
·        do not cover Professional Indemnity.


Of course, members of affiliated member clubs can call the MWA office at any time where we will refer you to our insurers direct where you can receive up to date advice and make a decision based on your own personal situation. The display of an MA permit signifies that all conditions inclusing insurance are in place for you as the rider/official/volunteer/spectator are in place.


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