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The Make Smoking History Senior Championships heads to Bunbury

Sunday August 27th-Penultimate Round-Shrubland Park circuit

  • 27 July 2017
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The Make Smoking History Senior Championships heads to Bunbury

The Make Smoking History Senior Championships heads to Bunbury on August 27th for their Penultimate Round at the Shrubland Park circuit – famous for its feral section in this small, tight and thrilling track.

This round is also our PINK round in support of Breast Cancer - So you will see a lot of colour for this round, with riders showing their support of this cause by wearing pink or purple gear, helmets, boots, ribbons and pink bikes too!


The Shrubland Circuit will have plenty of thrills as this track is fast, tight and twisty but can also, if wet, can be really deep and push these motocross machines and riders to their limits.

Our ladies in the Cullys Yamaha Women’s Championship return for this sand round and will be thrilling to watch. After 2 hard pack rounds who will come out on top? Jess Moore still leads the Championship but with only 18 points separating Hannah Bagnall in 2nd place, Chelsea Blakers in 3rd place and Lily Kent in 4th anyone of these hard charging ladies could come out on top.



The second and final heat of the Amateur Cup for Clubman riders will also be run and this Mini Series will be declared at Bunbury.  Currently James Hughes leads on 99 points from Gary Cook 98 points and Jaxon Turner in 3rd place 92 points. So who will come out to play in the sand and come out the victor??

After a thrilling round at Beverley which saw Shaun Woodhead take the win for the day and Chris Bosnakis’ machine blow up, the Make Smoking History Quad Championships will also take to the track. Will Luke Gaisford take his place on the starting gates? No doubt there will be some high flying 4-wheeled action.

Action is starting to seriously heat up and there will be some no-holds bar-banging action in both the Shannons Insurance MX1 and the Motul Oils MX2 Championships.

Michael “Irish” Mahon is showing some excellent racing form in MX1 and seems to get better each & every round and is taking it up to our current champ Dean Porter constantly. The top 10-12 riders are all hard hitting riders and will take on this track with delight, some love it more than others.

Josh Adams and David Birch are a constant battling duo in MX2 and there is no doubt to anyone that the battle royale will continue!!  Third place contender, Dylan Sexton will continue his consistent style and take it up to these two.  Youngsters, Mitchell Outram and Kurt Oinn are lurking and have proven themselves to real contenders in this class.

So…. Lock in the date – August 27th – and do not miss out on one second of this thrilling Championship Series and watch our big boys fly!!!
Wear you best pink or purple gear and come join us at Shrubland Park, Bunbury Motorcycle Club on the Bunbury-Donnybrook Road!!  Racing starts by 9am. Canteen and Bar facilities are available

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