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A look behind the scenes – first aid extraordinaire!!

Stacey Johns

  • 16 November 2017
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A look behind the scenes – first aid extraordinaire!!
The sport that we do is inherently dangerous and it is inevitable that sometimes it all comes unstuck resulting in a bit of a fall, sometimes a spectacular one at that. That’s the time when you are most likely to see one of the most dedicated ladies in the sport, first aid extraordinaire, Stacey Johns. 

Always at the ready with calm, smiling face, Stacey has been supporting our sport as a first aid official for over 9 years now. Stacey, like many of the people involved in our sport, first became involved with the sport as a parent of a rider. Stacey said that she had to visit the medic tent with her son and it was from there, she started to think about a future role for herself in the sport and set about doing the necessary training. 

Stacey has officiated at a range of events over the years from being out in the bush to some of the state’s biggest events. Stacey is always at the ready and has now assembled a team to support her to continue to provide that excellent service when someone is injured at an event.  Over the years Stacey has worked out on the 4 wheeler at the Trail & Enduro events where managing an injured rider can be very complex. She is a regular at Lightweight MC Club for all their events during the year and also finds time to fit in all the events for Dirt High Promotions, rain, hail or shine.

As a parent of a rider and also someone that rides as well, Stacey is well aware of seriousness of the range of injuries that can occur during an event. She is always professional in her role and takes great care of her patients, but also their crew. Stacey said that sometimes supporting the parents of an injured rider is just as important as it can be traumatic for them to see their child or loved one injured. Stacey has been on shift for a number of serious incidents and always takes the time to follow up with riders and families days and weeks after the event to make sure they are doing okay.

It certainly takes a special kind of person to be out in the elements and being tested in all sorts of things at a moment’s notice. So why does she do it? Stacey said she ‘loves it’. Stacey told us she loves being able to help the riders and their families, she loves being involved in such a wonderful sport and also loves it when the kids come and say ‘hi’ and ‘thanks’. Not to mention being able to be out on the track watching some amazing racing all the time is pretty awesome. Stacey even has some pictures from the kids in her medic room at Byford, something she shows off proudly. 


What a dedicated woman out there supporting our injured riders and their families and all the time doing it in the most professional and calm manner. There are probably many of you who have had the unfortunate opportunity to require Stacey’s services, you will no doubt know what we are talking about. 

Stacey is a truly inspirational woman involved in our sport behind the scenes, thank you for your valued contribution, passion and dedication to our sport and we hope to see you around for years to come!!


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