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Tragic Fire Destroys Father and Son’s Dream

Bullsbrook fire engulfs Paul and Scott Topping's home

  • 15 March 2018
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Tragic Fire Destroys Father and Son’s Dream

Sometimes bad things happen to good people trying to do great things. This week, on Wednesday night, a fire in Bullsbrook destroyed a large shed where Scott Topping and his father Paul reside and store his race bikes a 125ccGP, two 150cc Hondas and a 600cc. Scott also lost his three dirt bikes in the fire along with all his race gear.


Paul Topping lost his Harley, Falcon GT, several other cars plus a life time collection of tools, work and motorcycling gear.

Sadly they have lost all their clothes and necessities with which you need to live by.


MWA's JET Camp graduate, Scott,  is a great kid, with a huge heart and a smile for everyone. He is also a very talented and dedicated competitor with a fantastic motorcycling future ahead of him. Paul and Scott are a team, off and on the track and their hard work and commitment paid off last year when Scott placed second in the Australian 125cc GP championships.



Michelle Gapes from the Historic Competition Motorcycle Club of WA was first alerted to the tragedy when her husband Dave noticed a vehicle belonging to the Topping's on the news at a scene of a fire.


Michelle messaged Paul to ask if the fire was at his place and he said it was and said that they have  lost everything including the bikes that he and Scotty had planned to ride at the Easter Event at Collie. Paul told Michelle that he and Scotty are currently in New Zealand and that they can't leave there until next Tuesday. He also said his son was holding up well and Scotty being Scotty he still wanted to ride at Easter-he also stated that there was nothing left to salvage from the shed.



Michelle immediately put a call of action out to our wonderful motorcycling community to rally behind the family and asks if someone/anyone can give Scotty a ride as we all how much of a talented rider he is. She also commented "It is so sad to hear this happen to two lovely people and a father who is so dedicated to helping his son achieve his dreams".


Michelle's facebook post has been shared around the motorcycling community nationally and the response has been fantastic however there is still a long road ahead.

Scott Topping and Paul Topping live to race who put so much into our sport and are the first to help others. If any of our members can help-or know of anyone who can help the Topping family please contact the Historic Competition Motorcycle Racing Club on facebook or Michelle Gapes at


Michelle has also set up a Go Fund Me page to make a donation please click HERE

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