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MWA Visits Kununurra MX Club

  • 13 April 2018
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MWA Visits Kununurra MX Club

As part of Motorcycling WA’s drive to build Junior participation through Come & Try’s and coaching development, I had the opportunity to visit the Kununurra MX Club and their local school recently, and what a cool trip it was.

The club has so much enthusiasm for the sport and key members are dedicated to providing the best venue possible for their riders.

Motorcycling WA conducted the 2-day Coaches Seminar to 6 participants which goes through techniques, administration and risk management for the new coaches to get an understanding of how to provide a fun, safe and quality experience for kids.

The new coaches had time to work with kids the following day as part of their assessment which coincided with the clubs first round.

I got to teach some new skills to a few of members but as you can imagine that far north, the temperature was killing us by lunch time…. (mainly me to be fair).


On the Monday morning a club representative and I visited Kununurra District High School.

These were without doubt one of the best, well behaved groups of kids I’ve had the opportunity to present the Motosafe program to.

The Smarter than Smoking Motosafe program is designed to reach kids who are still trying new sports and make them aware of the opportunities, all over WA provided by our clubs to engage in Motorcycle Sport.
When asked how many of the school children actually ride motorcycles, the number as always was huge.
This is a common finding, particularly in regional schools.

The kids were made aware of the benefits associated with being part of a club with a junior development program in place.
Fingers crossed, the kids (and teachers) took it all onboard and will head out to the Kununurra MX track for some quality coaching sometime soon.

With time to kill before I had to head for the airport, I spent some time with the Club President Dave and L1 Coach Craig working through some suspension maintenance practices in order to keep bikes handling correctly.
The proof was in the pudding on how important suspension maintenance is once the forks were apart.
The oil was black and full of debris, preventing the forks from travelling smoothly, causing serious handling issues for the young rider.
Once cleaned and correctly reassembled (with the help of Dave’s mega tool fabrication techniques) the bike was working correctly.

We achieved so much in the 4 days working together on understanding coaching, licensing, best practices, school visits and club promotion.
It was truly one of the most productive visits I’ve had with a club and would love to thank Louise, Dave and Craig for their hospitality.

If your club is interested in a visit from Motorcycling WA, please contact Mark Gill At to see how we can work together and improve our sport for the kids and your club.

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