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MWAW members prepare for MX Nats this weekend in Manjimup

Manjimup 15000 & Women's & Vets MX Nats

  • 28 November 2018
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MWAW members prepare for MX Nats this weekend in Manjimup

THE Manjimup 15000 will be held this weekend at Manjimup Cosy Creek Road track and in addition to normal 15000 Motocross action, the event will also feature the WA round of the MX National’s WA or the Women’s and Veterans classes.

Twelve Motorcycling WA Women members from throughout the State visited the world-renowned Manjimup  Cosy Creek track on May 20th for some MX Nats coaching from Glenn Macdonald. 

Macdonald after a very successful motocross career claiming numerous state and National championships Glenn turned his focus to coaching spanning over 25 years including managing the GMR Motorex KTM junior and womens race team claiming 54 state, National and Australia's first world motocross championship in the 6 years in the role.


Local Manjimup competitors Chelsea Blakers and Charlie Blee were among the group who took to the track for some extra coaching leading up to this weekends Women's MX Nats Round.



Glenn said he enjoyed providing coaching for the ladies, “I have been a very strong advocate for ladies motocross over the years,” he said.

“I’m really chuffed with this opportunity to come out and coach.

“It was also great to come to Manjimup, which has an awesome track.”



The Manjimup 15,000 will take place from June 1st-3rd, with junior action on Saturday and Senior action on Sunday.


Willams Event Management will present the women’s and veteran’s championships round at the Manjimup 15,000.

WEM director Kevin Williams said he was excited to offer the competitors in those classes the opportunity to do the WA round on Manjimup’s world-renowned track.

“I feel that by having the three championships, Women’s, Vets 30-39 and 40 plus as part of the Manjimup 15000 is a big step in the right direction and achieves an outcome that everyone involved feels positive about,” Williams said.


“We are proud to be associated with the world renowned Manjimup 15000 event.”

WEM worked with Motocross Australia, Motorcycling Western Australia and the Motorcycling Western Australia Women’s Committee to bring the national rounds to the State and to Manjimup, specifically.



Motorcycling WA vice president and Motorcycling WA Women’s chairperson Tracy Simpson said the committee was excited to see the Australian Women’s MX Championship grow to now include two rounds and that one of those rounds was in WA and part of the “iconic” Manjimup 15000.


“The MWAW committee have introduced a number of initiatives to support the growth of women’s participation in the sport and the results are fantastic with more and more women in WA getting involved,” she said.

“We look forward to seeing a full grid on the line at Manji in 2018 for round one of the Australian Women’s MX championship.”



Riders at this year’s event will include reigning Manjimup 15,000 champion Kirk Gibbs, looking to secure his fourth win and WA’s own Kyle Webster, who placed third in 2017. Other confirmed national and international competitors are Jacob Hayes, Junior Perroit, Dean Ferris and Egan Mastin.


Racing kicks off from 9am to 4pm on Saturday and 9am to 5pm on Sunday, with entry $30 adults, children 5-15 $15 and family $75 for the weekend or $15, 10, $40 respectively for Saturday.


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