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MINI-X kids to ride at Arena Cross track for Round 3

7th of July-Lightweight MCC-Byford

  • 27 June 2018
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MINI-X kids to ride at Arena Cross track for Round 3

Motorcycling Western Australia and Lightweight Motorcycle Club are working together to help young MotoKids get on track in a safe and fun environment.

The Smarter than Smoking MINI-X program, proudly supported by Five Star Yamaha is heading to Lightweights Arena Cross track for the 3rd Round of the series on the 7th of July.

The MINI-X is all about fun, games and little bit of racing to help kids develop the required skills to enter competition when they feel ready to start racing. 

The days are run by fully accredited coaches and parents to give the kids a hand and help parents understand that motorsport cannot exist without their valuable time and effort through volunteering.

This is the first time MINI-X has been run at a Motocross club, hopefully it will catch on as it will be a huge opportunity for kids that have never ridden on a real MX Track before.

The clubs Canteen will be open, and they have little goodie bags for all the kids that enter.

Spots are Limited so get in quick to make sure you don’t miss out. (No Registrations on the day)

Register HERE

For more details, please contact our Development Officer and Coach Mark at or call the office on 9371 5333.

This is one not to miss!!!

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What’s MiniX all about?

Smarter than Smoking MiniX is a competition where aside from fun, the emphasis is on skill and rider control, not so much on speed. Aimed at Children aged 4 years to 12 years old, the aim is to build better riders and confidence through mastering specific skills in a competitive environment.

The more skilful you are = faster, safer fun

MiniX helps develop technique, ability, knowledge, and motorcycle experience for young riders. Riders learn the techniques of acceleration, braking, handling, and weight transfers, as well as efficient racing lines through negotiating the many different courses run throughout the day

Smarter than Smoking MiniX places a big importance on family fun and involvement Mum or Dad will get involved as Flag Marshall's, Scorers or Officials - and loving every minute of it.

Good sportsmanship is always emphasised with riders encouraged to congratulate each other after every event.

All Riders must have an MA Competition, Recreation or Mini licence to ride.

Parents sign on each Rider on entry and then it's off to scrutineering to ensure each bike is safe to ride. Depending on the number of entries, the groups will split into their event areas based on age, bike capacity and skill levels.

What You Need

Once you have a bike and are ready to ride, you’ll need to wear some appropriate safety gear.

As a minimum you will need...

Helmet – Australian or International Standards Approved


Body armour



A long sleeve shirt or jersey

Non-combustible pants - i.e. riding nylons or jeans

It all sounds good? Then get involved!

Contact MWA on 9371 5333 for more information or view upcoming events on the MiniX or Motorcycling WA facebook pages or visit

MiniX is Sponsored by Smarter than Smoking and Healthway


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