2013 Quit Western Australian Moto Trials Champs
July 02, 2013

2013 Quit Western Australian Moto Trials Champs

Come and see the best in the West in Toodyay on Sunday 11th August.
FREE ENTRY to the venue on Woodendale Road, Toodyay.

MotoTrials is unique in motorcycle sport as it is purely skill based - it is not racing.
It is simply the Competitor and their bike pitted against the natural (or sometimes man made) terrain.
MotoTrials is a sport of balance, skill and concentration.
One at a time, competitors will ride over an obstacle course which is a taped out area of natural terrain with boulders, streams, hill climbs, logs, drop offs, and nearly anything else that will challenge the Competitor.

MotoTrials is one of the world's most popular participatory motorcycle sports.
In Australia nearly a thousand riders compete regularly. While in Europe the sport attracts many thousands of riders.
MotoTrials events are run in all weather conditions and there are classes for everyone. From Juniors of 7 to 16 years of age through to Veterans from 40 to 70 years +.
There are classes to cover all rider ability levels, with Expert, A, B and C Grades, and Clubman levels.
Other classes include Sidecar, twin shock and Classic.
Whilst it is spectacular and sometimes appears dangerous at the top level, it is a very safe sport.
Speed and other competitors are not factors likely to cause incidents, so the sport remains very safe. 

MotoTrials (specific) bikes are specially made and today are very high-tech machines. They are very light (approx 70kg), have a low seat height and lots of power.
They are usually single cylinder, liquid cooled engines, around 250cc capacity and they have lots of ground clearance and extended suspension travel.

Pathfinders Trials MCC has been chosen to host the 2013 Quit Western Australian Moto Trials Championships, and it invites all motorcycle enthusiasts to attend the event which will be held on Sunday 11th August 2013 from 9.30am to 3.30pm.
Supplementary Regulations and entry forms are available on the Pathfinders website www.pathfinderstrialsmcc.com.au.
Check out our Facebook page or email pathfinderstrialsmcc@hotmail.com

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